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News: On 09/28/2017 PS4’s Rocket League launches into season 4. This is bringing a few changes of course. The update was about 3 gig’s, and promises a few decent changes. After playing for a couple hours last night here is my 2 cents.


For any of you who might not be familiar with Rocket League. This is a sports game, it is basically soccer (futbol) played with cars in an indoor arena. It is a very simple idea, with an EXTREMELY high skill cap. This game is a lot of fun.


The most impressive change for me was the transparent goal posts. Now when playing goalie, it is much easier to see the ball moving towards the goal, while inside the goal.

They claim to have improved  control while flying through the air. I will need to test this more.

One of the maps (can’t remember which) had an announcer saying things like “what a save by the goalie” I thought this was a really cool new addition.


One of my favorite updates in the past on this game was changing the map Neo Tokyo, from having ramps towards the sides of the maps, to a much more normal playing field.

I was very sad to see that they brought back the original map. I never thought that this map fit into the smooth gameplay of Rocket League. It has always felt very awkward for me.


Overall it seems like a pretty good update.

Also in the update there are new (90+) customization options for the cars.

New maps

See Rocket League site for more details (ADD LINK TO ROCKET LEAGUE HERE)


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