Crazy 4

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Wonder Slots
Old-style slot machine game.
Putt It In
Mini golf game in a garden setting.
Tiki Quest Pinball
Jungle-themed pinball game.
A match-3 physics game.
Law of the West Pinball
A Wild West themed pinball game.
Meet Dave Pinball
Meet Dave in this amazing pinball game.
Magical Awakening
Help Randall meditate.
Smokin' Barrels
Win as many duels as you can!
Perfect Pizza
Make pizzas as quickly as you can.
Penguin Diner
Run a diner as a penguin.
Hot Dog Bush
Serve up hot dogs as fast as you can!
Pimp My Zombie
Dress up a zombie and send it to a friend!
Sewer Escape
Help the little hamster escape from the sewer.
Turn your speakers up and get up-beat!
Fly Plane
Use your mouse to fly the plane
Sewer Run
Race your skateboard in the sewer
Connect 4
Get four pieces in a row to win
Champion Soccer 2006
Try to keep the ball in the air as long as you can.
Plain Pinball
This pinball might be plain, but it's insanely fun!
247 Miniature Golf
Putt your golf ball around various hazards
Horsey Racing
Race your horse as you jump over the fences.
Chicken Attack
Defend the castle from the chickens!
Use your mind to solve this challenging puzzle game
Dumbolf Golf
Help the elephant putt his way through the course
Final Fortress
Shoot the enemies attacking your base.
Illuminati Online Pinball
Illuminati online pinball game
Swap balls to match groups of alike colors
Match five balls in a row to remove them
Elastic Soccer
Put your mouse to good use playing online soccer
Art Thief
Steal priceless pieces of art as fast as you can
Bug on a Wire
Help the bug run on the wire without getting eaten by the birds.
Mission Mars
Land your spaceship on mars after you destroy the cities there
Hostile Skies
Fight the enemy airplanes before they shoot you down
Help Joe fly his ufo to abduct aliens
Police Chopper
Use your skills as an elite Police Chopper pilot to serve and protect the city.
Pig on the Rocket
Help the pig fly on the rocket by picking up food and fuel.
Tribal Jump
Jump from one skull to another without falling into the water.
Office Invaders
Shoot the invading office workers!
Christmas Sliding Puzzle
Slide the image back together
Penguin Push
Help the penguin push ice.
Super Santa Ski Jump
Help Santa do jumps off a ski slope.
Nordic Chill
A cross-country skiing adventure.
Ice Breakout
Help the penguins break the ice.
Spank the Frank
Help the elf smack penguins.
Santa Balls
Swap balls to help Santa.
Help the penguin shoot orbs.
Attack of the Artificial Trees
Ward off fake Christmas trees!
Adventure Elf
Help the elf save Christmas!
Halloween Memory
Try and remember the order the ghouls cried.
Halloween Smash
Match as many halloween objects as you can!
Wheels of Salvation
Help Dr. Carter get above ground.
Reel Gold
Get as much gold as you can!
Switch It
Click to make all the buttons turn off.
King of the Hill
Defend your castle from the attacking army.
Blomin' Gardens
Match groups of flowers before the garden is overgrown.
Crazy Bumper Pinball
A really crazy pinball game with tons of bumpers.
Frozen Bubble
A puzzle game where you must match alike bubbles to pop them.
Ice Blox
A remake of the classic arcade game Ice Blox.
Make your way through a virtual world shooting at enemies.
UFO 101
Help the alien fly his UFO through a maze of hazards.
Sports Smash
Match alike sports balls in this matching game.
Online Billiards
A classic online billiards game.
Bounce the alien to collect colored blobs.
Cone Crazy
A 3-d driving game where you must run over cones in the road.
Flower Frenzy
Go crazy plaing this fun matching puzzle game.
Magic Balls
A fun puzzle game where you must try to remove all the balls from the board.
Blackjack Elf
Play Blackjack online with an elf as your dealer.
Mini Golf
Putt your ball through 18 challenging holes in this exciting golf game.
A remake of the classic arcade game Marble Madness.
A remake of the classic arcade game Frogger with Sheep.
Rural Racer
Race against the computer or against a friend around a rural town.
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